I used to know …

I used to know a girl who used to have a bridge,
she perched on the rail,

never wanting to jump

She liked to watch the cars
far below her feet
all their travels to her imagination.

she liked to feel big
in this small, small world.
dizzy above those racing cars.

every now and then
she’d watch one person turn
and kiss someone’s cheek behind a windshield.

she liked to stand on the edge
with the wind stroking her hair
and the sun tasting her lips and shoulders.

she had lots of friends who smiled,
she had an ex with a flower arrangement
but she couldn’t be bought with flowers.

she had family that worried about her
but she was just happy
because she loved the metal at her feet

the way it was chipped and torn
the way it held her up
the way it contrasted with her clean white ballet flats.